Engineering and Fabrication for Automotive and Aerospace

Optimation Experience

Optimation has provided engineering, design and machine fabrication services to automotive and aerospace clients over the years, including:

Machining Systems
  • Automated Dial Machining Centers
    • Robotic or Manual Part Loading
  • Automated In-Line Machining Centers
    • Robotic or Manual Part Loading
  • Testing Fixtures & GagesRobotic System Integrator Automotive
Assembly Systems
  • Automated Dial Assembly Systems
    • Robotic or Manual Part Loading
    • Component Hopper and/or Precision Track Feeding
  • Automated In-Line Assembly Systems
    • Robotic or Manual Part Loading
    • Component Hopper and/or Precision Track Feeding
Lean Manufacturing Cells
  • Automated
  • Manual
Testing Fixtures & Gages


Data Collection and Inspection Systems
  • Monitoring In-Line process
  • Integrated into existing client systems

Test Systems for Automotive and Aerospace

Spend more time focusing on the results of your test, rather than how to perform it. With depth of expertise in automating test systems for the automotive and aerospace industry, innovation and flexibility, Optimation has been a proven supplier for vehicle manufacturers and government entities. We reduce waste and time, delivering a faster and more uniform testing process, allowing you to get your product to market.

Test System ExamplesFuel Cell Test Stands

Optimation specializes in custom and semi-custom test systems for a variety of applications. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Atmospheric Re-entry Testing
  • Conveyor Controls
  • Dynamometer Control
  • EPA Emissions Testing
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning System Testing
  • Motor and Engine Testing
  • Production Testing – In-line Testing
  • Tire Rotation Testing
  • Tire Uniformity Gauge
  • Verification Test – Prototype Testing
  • Vision Systems
  • Quality Control Testing

Real-time Data Monitoring and Acquisition

Optimation is partnered with National Instruments, providing off-the-shelf hardware solutions for real-time monitoring and FPGA.

Adapting to Stringent Requirements

Optimation has experience with stringent government standards and regulations, such as EPA testing requirements. Our processes adhere to ISO 9001 and the Control Systems Integrator Association’s Certified Best Practices.

Cost-efficient, flexible, experienced.

We partner with multiple hardware vendors, ensuring the best choice to meet for your test system requirements and budget. Our national presence allows us to locally deliver turnkey test systems and test systems support for various locations across the United States. We’re a proven supplier to government entities, Fortune 500 companies, and manufacturers at all levels of automotive and aerospace product manufacturing.

Let's work together.

“Optimation’s services represent a valuable extension of our own, internal engineering resources, bringing particular focus to our automation needs.”

– Ultralife Batteries
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