Construction & Project Management

Good construction management and project management can make the difference between completing a project on time and budget and ending up with costly overruns and missed deadlines.

Our project managers and construction managers have a wealth of trade knowledge. Rounding out your team with our construction and project management services will ensure your projects are managed with full attention to safety.

Construction and Project Management Services

  • Meeting with Engineer/Design Team to put together Scope of Work packages
  • Help Value Engineer with the trade knowledge
  • Requirements Definition
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor SelectionConstruction_Management_Services_Subcontractor Selection
  • Bid management – Help develop RFQ Package
  • Evaluating bids and Estimating
  • Manage Daily Toolbox Meetings, Safety Kick-Off & Orientation Meetings
  • Change Order Management
  • Documentation
  • Embedded support
  • Quality Control
  • Startup and Commissioning
  • Project Closeout
What sets Optimation’s construction and project management services apart?

Broad skill sets: Each project manager at Optimation has a well-rounded background with diverse skills. Optimation has project managers with a variety of credentials, whether certified by PMI (Project Management Institute), licensed as Professional Engineers and/or experienced in managing engineering and skilled trades.

Versatility: Whether you have your own process or not, our project managers work within your structures or follow our own process to give you the best experience on your project. FactoryandProcessRebuild_3

Flexibility: Optimation project managers are comfortable in the office or in the field. Hire our project managers full time, in house, or on a “fit for use” basis.

Reporting: Periodic updates of project cost and schedule are critical to monitoring project performance. From documenting project requirements at proposal time, to regular project meetings and updates, to knowing potential scope changes up front, you’re never in the dark about the progress of your project.

Concept to Completion: Optimation disciplines include mechanical, structural, electrical and controls in the areas of engineering, fabrication and field installation trades. Our construction and project management services can integrate all of these capabilities into a single coordinated project delivered to the customer. Anything outside of Optimation’s services will be subcontracted out to approved vendors.

With all of our disciplines under one roof, you reap the benefits of a single service provider, seamlessly integrating all aspects of your project.

Prevent Scope Creep

On larger projects, Optimation project managers employ a ‘phases and gates’ approach to executing the project. Each phase develops the project scope to the next level for technical deliverables, cost and schedule. At the end of each phase, you review the technical deliverables, cost and schedule and verify that they still met the requirements of your business case for doing the project. Passing the gate review allows the project to proceed on to the next level of definition. Failing the gate review gives you the ability to stop the project with minimal expense.

Interested in working together?

Overall we were very happy with Optimation’s project execution and the project was completed with 1-1/2 weeks to spare. Our construction manager assigned to the project and the communication on the project could not have been any better. Construction trades were well coordinated, so folks did not have to wait for another trade to complete a task, before moving forward on their tasks. Everyone did great work.

– Kevin Mahns, Eastman Kodak Company
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