Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Industries

To tackle the ever-growing renewable energy challenges, you must have just the right resources. Re:Build Optimation’s renewable energy consultants are here to lend a helping hand, offering services for developing and deploying renewable energy sources. With their expertise on your team, you can ensure successful navigation of today’s complex energy industry!

We offer our clients flexibility – to solve problems, test new process techniques, evaluate efficiencies and alternatives, and characterize, quantify, and successfully implement capital projects.

For more than three decades, Re:Build Optimation has been a leader in renewable energy consulting firms, demonstrating how our clients can efficiently utilize cutting-edge technologies. We boast a 5,000-square-foot development lab and fabrication facility that are invaluable resources for every project we take on.

Re:Build Optimation stands apart from the rest with its comprehensive renewable energy consulting services, and extensive design and fabrication services. This begins with the conceptualization phase of a product or process, all the way through prototyping to full-scale production. Our one-stop solution delivers cost-efficient, rapid, and high-quality outcomes for your renewable energy or energy reduction projects.

Alternative Fuel Processes

As a leading provider of cellulose-based ethanol technology and system fabrication, Re:Build Optimation is the ideal partner for introducing new feedstocks or enzymes and upgrading existing plants.

Our unparalleled combination of expertise in chemical engineering and process automation, as well as our extensive onsite plant construction capabilities, make us uniquely qualified to take any project from concept to completion with ease.

Biofuel Development and Production ProjectFuel Cell Test Stands

Re:Build Optimation provides revolutionary enhancements to biofuel development processes, enabling ethanol production without using enzymes.

  • Contributed from functional specification through implementation, testing, and process deployment
  • Fast-track design/installation approach and expert trades experience with sanitary piping were key aspects to the success of the project
  • Optimized control of ingredient additions
  • Increased reliability and repeatability
  • This resulted in lower costs, higher speed, and less complexity with higher quality

Solar Cell Production Processes

Roll-to-roll processing for the production of solar cells is a developing technology that promises to reduce the cost of traditional semiconductor manufacturing methods dramatically.

At Re:Build Optimation, we have the unique ability to combine our Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) with our expertise in web coating, handling, and converting. This makes us an ideal partner for clients who are looking for cost-effective development and prototyping solutions. We can also help design and establish large-scale manufacturing facilities that create solar energy products.

MCF Capabilities

Re:Build Optimation’s Media Conveyance Facility has the capability to provide a wide range of cost-effective development and prototyping solutions. Our processes are highly versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We can efficiently offer high-quality products with our comprehensive web coating, handling, and converting capabilities.

Our MCF services include:

  • Multiple thin layer (up to 12 layers per side) coating equipment and process expertise
  • Consistent coated web drying profiles
  • Web base MD and TD thickness variability minimization
  • Web tension, conveyance, knurling, winding, and slitting optimization
  • Consistent roll-to-roll oriented web crystallinity/DSC, curl, planarity, and shrinkage.
  • Defects detection, tracking, and elimination (Internal and surface)
  • Sanitary coated solution making and delivery system expertise, including precious metals and trace element additions.

Our Collaboration with RE:Build Manufacturing

The Made in America movement has been gaining traction over the last few years, with many brands and manufacturers restoring in America. Manufacturing jobs have always been a cornerstone of the US economy, yet globalization had resulted in many of these positions being outsourced overseas. Reshoring is an effort to bring back American manufacturing jobs to the US.

Re:Build Manufacturing and Re:Build Optimation have come together to create solutions for the renewable energy sector. This ownership change is poised to revolutionize the industry, providing ground-breaking ideas, technologies, and processes that will benefit both current and future generations.  Re:Build Manufacturing was formed with a desire to create meaningful change in the world of energy production. Both companies are committed to finding innovative approaches which reduce environmental impacts while creating multiple economic opportunities for communities everywhere.

Re:Build Manufacturing’s experience in manufacturing gives them an advantage when it comes to developing structures for sustainable energy production, such as solar farms or wind turbines and Re:Build Optimation and other Re:Build companies have years of experience in engineering and optimization of energy systems, allowing them to identify the most efficient use of energy sources, and is establishing them as one of the best renewable energy consulting firms in the US.

Let's work together.

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