COVID-19 Health and Safety

Optimation will help open your business safely. And help you keep it open and safe.

Many companies are re-opening their facilities and welcoming back employees who have been away.  It is important to ensure that employees are not exposed to health hazards and feel comfortable and confident while at work. Our Safety and Health professionals can help to assess your risk to disease spread, develop a plan to keep your employees safe and healthy, and validate your processes.

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Services We Offer

Assistance developing:


Business re-opening plan

Business continuation plan

Pandemic preparedness plan.


Assessment of:


Visitor procedures

Travel procedures

Cleaning and sanitation recommendations

Employee screening procedures

Indoor air quality

Face mask protocol

Employee training


Having an assessment completed by a Safety and Health professional will improve employee’s confidence that reopening can be safe and exposure to COVID-19 will be minimized to a practicable level. In addition to assessments, Optimation is qualified to and experienced in delivering engineered and custom fabricated solutions to your business based on your unique needs.


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