Pipefitter Journey Worker

*Awareness of construction site, shop, and general safe practices is demanded.

*Must possess strong work ethic and display high level of craftsmanship.


Proficient in: *Welded Pipe Fabrication * Roll Groove and Cut Groove Piping *Soldering and Brazing Copper *Plastic Pipe Systems *Orbital Welding *Pipe Threading *Solvent and Chemical Piping *ProPress and Compression Fittings *Sprinkler Systems * Drainage Systems *Service Piping (hot and cold water, air)  *Steam and Condensate *Brine and Chilled Water Piping * Vacuum Systems *Conveyance Piping Systems *Trade Mathmatics  *Plumbing Codes * Blueprint Reading *Material Specifications


Required Skills: Must be physically able to perform the work of a Pipefitter: climb and work from heights, work in confined spaces and lift, move heavy objects. Will be required to work in hot and cold environments and in all weather conditions. Able to read and write in English. Possess basic computer and communication skills. Regular full-time employee. 40-hour schedule, days. Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including overtime and occasional travel.


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