A client in the automotive industry had existing equipment for performing torsion tests on its drive shaft components. The client had an urgent need for a software application to perform the tests and generate data in time for a trade show presentation. Optimation had the ability to come in and quickly get the project done in the time frame they required.


The I/O hardware was a National Instruments CompactRIO DAQ system. Optimation wrote a LabVIEW application to perform the output control as well as the data logging of all sensors. The application was completed in less than a month.

The torsion tester uses a hydraulic system to generate the large forces needed during testing. The software is able to apply the torque through the use of relays and digital I/O. Feedback on the measured torque and position is obtained with various analog input and encoder signals. Optimation built in the ability to perform various types of testing to different set points as well.


The client now has a functioning torsion test system for measuring developmental parts. Performance results obtained from the system can be fed back into the production line for improvements. The project was completed quickly, and in time for the client to present data at an annual trade show.