Problems in a film canister cooling water distribution network in the production plant at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY were resulting in capacity reductions. Inefficient cooling of product in the molding machines caused adhesion / release problems between the product and the molding equipment. Planned capital improvement options being investigated included the addition of a secondary cooling system, along with significantly increasing the pumping capacity These upgrades were originally estimated in excess of $250,000.


A fluid flow analysis of the system was done to model the existing cooling system piping for delivering cooling water to 15 molding machines. The simulated use of backpressure control valves at the farthest points in the system with strategically placed pressure regulating valves on the first set of machines helped ensure the highest possible system pressure to the entire piping network. This enhanced the flow throughout the whole distribution system.


The identified low-cost solution from a pipeline simulation model was able to be quickly implemented, saving over $200,000 in capital expenditure.