Byogy Renewables, Inc of San Jose, CA is a biofuels organization.  The summer Olympics was supposed to be held in Japan in 2020. The theme of the Olympics was to be sustainability.  Housing, medals, uniforms and other material were being made from recycled materials.  A decision was made that during the Olympics there should be a stadium fly over where the jets were flying on jet fuel made from farm waste. Optimation was contacted by an Byogy, American company, who had the contract and rose to the need of the technology and the schedule. We built a system of reactors and stills that converted farm waste to ethanol and then the ethanol to jet fuel. The system designed and built to meet all Japanese mechanical and electrical codes, shipped to Japan and tested.  The results were amazingly successful.


The Byogy Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) technology is a unique integration of proven petrochemical processes using traditional catalytic chemistry and standard commercial equipment that converts any form of ethanol, or butanol, into low carbon renewable fuels. The system fabricated by Optimation included a dozen pressure vessels and a distillation column designed to implement the chemical processes needed to implement the required processing. The system is controlled by a fully automated instrumentation system of sensors, valves and Rockwell PLCs. Piping was design and fabricated to function effectively under the high pressures required by the processes in place.


Byogy was one of the first producers of a premium grade full replacement Sustainable Aviation Fuel that, with future regulatory approvals, may not require any blending with fossil-based fuel for the use in existing aircraft or related fuel infrastructure. The success of this pilot project is a validation that a global alternative fuel specification can be commercialized. This is a trigger that will allow Byogy to expand commercialization of its proven technology as it continues to push for fully synthetic use in the future.

Client Quote:

Our project has been fast-tracked and its successful, timely startup was critical for our company’s success.  We reached out to you last spring to start our project, and its remarkable that you have been able to allow us to be in startup phase right now.  We are in place to begin production of the synthetic fuel that will power jets that fly over the stadium at the Olympics opening ceremonies in Japan this summer! Thank you for all that you and your team at Optimation have accomplished for us at Byogy!”