Food Industry – Bakery Crumb Depositor Hopper Guard

Crumb Depositer

Material – type 316 Stainless Steel rod

Protects workers from rotating parts and pinch points



Food Industry – Farming Wheat Grass Harvester

Material – Clear polycarbonate, Stainless Steel metal (solid and perforated) –


perforated to provide visual to see product

Protects workers from rotating / moving parts, pinch points; sharp cutting blades




Food Industry – Peanut Butter Jar Filler

Material –  Stainless steel, polycarbonate, interlock switches

Jar Filler
Jar Filler

Protects workers from pinch points – Pistons move up and down dispensing peanut butter into glass jars, breakage can occur







Food Industry – Bakery Cookie Cooling Spiral

Material – Type 316 Stainless Steel square tubing, welded wire mesh, Lift-off

Cookie Cooling Spiral
Cookie Cooling Spiral


Protects workers from pinch points from the moving conveyor’s Take-up belt and rotating gears






Food Industry – Bakery X-ray Conveyor Belt to Freezer

Material – Type 316 Stainless Steel angle, welded wire mesh

Protects workers from pinch points, rotating parts that present a crushing hazard if caught between roller and belt; keeps personnel from accessing motor drive area