Greenlight’s Pilot Plant Expansion brought a previously installed fermenter and reactor capacity online with supporting downstream processing capabilities, product formulation, and a product packaging line to support precommercial and commercial product volumes of our first-to-the-world RNA based solutions.


This project consisted of 4 major components:

  1. Tank Installation and connection to utilities


  1. Piping mechanical for four vessels
  2. Automation and process control installation for four vessels
  3. Process electrical for agitators and pumps associated with the four vessels
  4. Structural engineering for installation of the new final formulation vessel

Specific Scope

  1. Consists of providing utilities and final connection of utilities required to activate 3 existing tanks
  2. A “Final Formulation” tank will be installed. Additional structural steel supports will also be installed between the 2 existing floor support beams sitting on the floor slab to provide required support for the new tanks, similar to the beams that were installed in the original project. All new utilities will be installed as part of this project scope.
  3. Dedicated Sodium Hydroxide Delivery System (NaOH Delivery System) – PID305 Chemical Supply

The GreenLight Bioscience process utilizes 50% Sodium Hydroxide (50% NaOH) to control and adjust the pH of production streams, prepare final product formulations, and to produce cleaning solutions to enable maintenance of process hygiene.  Current operational methods employ local NaOH handling systems that require movement of the chemical container to the process user and high operator interaction.  In the PP1.1 project a dedicated NaOH delivery system will be installed to each user.  The system will enable to chemical container to remain in one place while in use, will be fully welded to minimize any leak points, and will be automated to ensure safe operation and controlled delivery.   Relative to current operations there are no changes to the type or amount of chemical used with the installation of the system – the intent is purely for safety and control purposes.

  1. Continuous Heat Transfer System (CHTS) – PID590 CHTS for product heat/hold/cool processing

An important element of the GreenLight Bioscience process technology is temperature modulation and control.  The Pilot Plant 1.1 project will install a pair of heat exchangers separated by a long length of pipe, called the retention section, that will allow us to achieve a desired temperature, hold the temperature for a desired time, and then adjust the final temperature after the retention period.  The heat exchangers used in this process will be designed and fabricated per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII and will have a pressure rating (MAWP/MAEWP) that exceeds the steam service pressure to ensure full containment and safe operation.  Overpressure protection will be compliant with API 520 and 521. The PP1.1 CHTS will be installed so that it can connect with multiple existing vessels utilizing existing pumps and utilities currently available in our facility. This process was achieved batchwise within existing vessels and the CHTS will, as its name states, allow us to perform this operation in a continuous fashion.  The CHTS is analogous to a pasteurization system but operates at much lower temperatures and pressures.

  1. Packaging Equipment- Filling and Sealing (Temporary System) Installation of services and equipment for packaging line equipment


Enabled GreenLight to support R&D activities along with pre commercial and early commercial sales that are building the foundation for growth of RNA based products.

Client Quote

Optimation exceeded our expectations in the execution of our Pilot Plant Expansion Project.  From high quality mechanical and electrical installations, diligent project/schedule management, transparent spend management, and experience operating in Eastman Business Park, Optimation is the ideal partner for GreenLight.