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We have a number of professionally published papers for a variety of web handling subjects, organized below by subject. Click on any title for instructions to receive the PDF.

Air Conveyance

The Fluid/Structure Interaction of a Thin Flexible Cylindrical Web Supported by an Air Cushion – 1999

A Two-Dimensional Model of the Fluid Dynamics of Air Reverser – 1999

A Numerical Solution of the Euler’s Equations with Nonlinear Source Terms in Modeling the Fluid Dynamics of an Air Reverser – 1997 

Nip Mechanics

Roller Nip Deflections – 2017

Modeling of Nip Pressures and Web Feed Rates in Rubber Covered Nip Rollers – 2013

Measurement of Web Feed Rates in Rubber Covered Nip Roller applications and the Impact on Wrinkle Formation – 2011

Conveyance Roller Nip Mechanics – 2010

Measurement and Modeling of Nip Roller Feed Rates – 2010

Winding and Roller Traction

An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Web Traction Over a Non Vented Roller – 1999 

A Model for Determining the Asperity Engagement Height in Relation to Web Traction Over Non-vented Rollers – 2002

Troubleshooting Web Scratches – 2015

Real Time Data Analytics As Applied To Web-To-Roller Traction In Manufacturing **NEW** – 2019


Butt Splice Hinging – 2012

Tension Control

Pull Rollers: Plain, Vacuum and Unported “Pick the Right Pull Roller the First Time” – 2015


Machine Direction Buckles in Thin Film Winding – 2015

Gentle Wavy Defects in Knurled Wound Rolls – 2009

Winding of Interleaving Material – 2009

Modeling Air Entrainment and Temperature Effects in Winding – 2003

The Effects of Nonideal Webs on Roll Winding – 2003

The Effect of Air-Side Leakage in Roll Winding – 2003

A Thermoelastic Winding Model with Air Entrainment – 2001

A Model for the Prediction of Wound Roll Dishing – 1997

A Nonlinear Wound Roll Stress Model Accounting for Widthwise Web Thickness Nonuniformity – 1992


Wrinkling of Foils – 2011

Wrinkling of Wide Webs – 2011

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