GW Lisk is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom solenoids, solenoid valves, sensors, and flame arrestors. In order to meet increased demand of one of their product lines, Lisk contracted Optimation to engineer, design, fabricate, and install a new high pressure test stand with higher throughput. Lisk had identified part setup & fixturing as a major cause for delay and requested a new high pressure test stand that could minimize this time-consuming process.


A new high pressure test stand was engineered that included a high level of automation. The new test stand requires the valve unit to be simply placed over locator pins onto the fixture base by an operator. The operator then activates the three (3) automated hydraulic swing clamps that clamp down on the valve body in place. Then the operator slides the bleed screw actuator assembly into position, engaging the drive bit. The operator then closes the safety shield and starts the automated testing cycle. The cover’s safety interlock locks, followed by the engagement of the counterbalanced hydraulic actuators with their corresponding ports which incorporate special custom fittings that seal the testing apparatus to the valve unit. The automated bleed screw torquing system will operate the bleed valve as required in the test plan allowing a complete test cycle to be run with no additional input after an operator starts the test cycle.


Utilizing Optimation’s services, G.W. Lisk now has an automated test stand capable of maintaining the most stringent control requirements. Tests can now be run start to finish with minimal human interaction drastically reducing cycle times.

Client Quote:

This was our first project with Optimation, and we were very happy with the results.  They solved some unique technical challenges and managed the project efficiently.  We look forward to another opportunity to work with them. -Chris VanQuekelberg